Beta is the first group of two year members. They are second to Alpha, and next in command is Delta. They go on war zone missions, going directly into battle in the most dangerous front lines.

The leader is Shockwave, aka Rachael White. She has the ability to create and project sonic shockwaves from her hands. She is the sonics specialist of the Legion, and uses her ability to defend the GuardTower. She is sympathetic, caring, and always helps people in need.

The next in command is SpeedFreak, aka Tim Robertson. He has the ability to travel at the speed of light, and can vibrate his molecules through solid objects. He is the primary scout and high-speed tactican. He is impulsive, moving from one thing to another in seconds.

Next is Tank, aka Robert Hanks. He has super strength and endurance, able to lift over 50 tons. He is the primary offense in Beta, and the first to knock down a barricade. He is fun-loving, always looking for the next thrill.

Next is Booster, aka Olivia Simmons. She has power amplification, the ability to increase a meta-humans power levels. She is the power amplifier of the Legion, giving everyone a boost when necessary. She is sarcastic, and always has a wise-crack on her mind.

Next is Nuclear, aka Leonardo Fitzgerald. He can absorb, project, and store radiation with his body. He is the Legion's only walking time-bomb, and he is the main radiation defense.  He is paranoid, always worried that he's going to blow.

Last in Beta is Graviton, aka B'orz B'ozz. He has the ability to manipulate gravity, making things weightless or extremely heavy. He is the only member of the Legion who is an alien, since he is from Mars. He serves as an extra-terrestial diplomat and outer-space artifical gravity creator. He is trivial, always wanting to learn more about Eart and it's cultures.

The team has been interviewed about their time in the Legion.