Delta is the second group of two-year members. They go on war-zone missions, going directly into combat. They serve as the main defense and offense group. Their superior is Beta, and next in command is Epsilon.

Delta's leader is Laser, aka Anna Jefferson. She has laser vision, and uses it to take out long distance targets. She is sarcastic, always has something to say, and is the trainer of most of the troups.

The second in command is Shifter, aka Jessica Kramer. She has shape-shifting abilities, being able to transform into several people, animals, and other forms. She is impulsive, always looking for something to do.

Next is Beastial, aka Janae Keith. She can shape-shift into any animal, whether it's alive, dead, or non-extistant. She serves as an infiltration personnel, and is the most neutral person you'll ever meet.

Next is Morpher, aka Nicholas Lawson. He has transmutation, the ability to turn any matter into any thing. He serves as Delta's primary offense/defense. He is comedic, always trying to make people laugh.

Last is Mindblown, aka Mary Madison. She has mindblasts, the ability to send a pyschic blast to another's brain. She serves as mental offense, and one of the Legion's pyschic meta-humans. She is timid in the GuardTower, always trying not to get in the way. But in combat, she's as focused as a laser beam.

The team has been interviewed about their experiences in the Legion.