Epsilon is the first group of the Legion members who've been enlisted for at least a year. They go on confrontation missions, like against gangs, mafias, and other crime related organizations. They serve as the secondary offense/defense team. Their superior is Delta, and Gamma is next in command.

The leader of Epsilon is Mental, aka Alexis Drake. She has telekinesis and telepathy, the abilities to move and communicate with your mind. She serves as the interrogation specialist of the Legion, and enjoys doing so. Even though she's a powerful person and a team leader, she's extremely secretive at times.

Next in command is Stretch, aka Jane Doe. She has elasticity, the ability to stretch her body in any number of ways and forms. She serves as offense for Epsilon, and is a fun-loving person. She is also the only homo-sexual member, who has a romantic relationship with Neutral.

Next is Gaea, aka Jasmine Peterson. She has elemental control, the ability to control fire, water, earth, and air. She serves as the elemental offense/defense for the Legion. She is crazy, spontaneous, and always surprises her opponents.

Next is Midget, aka Brianna Dillard. She has the ability to control her size. She serves as an infiltration personnel. She is A.D.D., always looking for something to focus on.

Next is Nice Try, aka James Adams. He is the world's first immortal, existing since the beginning of time. He automatically reforms from any injury in seconds. He serves as the Legion's historian and offense for the more dangerous missions. He is exhausted most of the time, mostly because people in the Legion keep trying to kill him for fun.

Next is Gotcha, aka Loki. He is the norse god of mischief, and the only asgardian on earth. He has shpe-shifting and the ability to cast illusions. He loves to pull practical jokes, and never falls for someone else's.

Last is Temporal, aka Dawn Kanehl. She is the only time-traveler in existence, going from one point of time to another in the blink of an eye. The only rule to her powers are that she can never go to a point of time when she already exists. She is fun-loving, always looking for the next big thrill.

The team has been interviewed about their experiences in the Legion.