Gamma is the second group of Legion members who've been enlisted for at least a year. They go on confrontation missions, usually against low-level crime. They serve as primary defense for the GuardTower. Their superior is Epsilon and next in command is Omega

The leader of Gamma is Ironhide, aka Alex Serrano. He has the ability to turn his skin into an indestrucable metal, which he uses for protect himself from outside attacks. He is sarcastic, with something always waiting to come out of his mouth.

Next is Neutral, aka Rebecca Miller. She has the ability to neutralize any meta-human's superpower. She serves for taking down rogue meta-humans. Se is seductive, and has entered a romantic relationship with Stretch.

Next is Combustion, aka Bailey Castillo. She has the ability of self-combustion and reformation. She serves as the Legion's explosives supplies. She is aggressive, and always ready to blow.

Next is N.Y.S.M. (short for Now You See Me), aka Li Soo Chang. He has teleportation, moving from one spot to another in a matter of seconds. He serves as the primary transportation of a single Legion member at any given time. He is impulsive, moving from spot to spot even when he has nothing to do.

Last is Gill, aka Jason Gibson. He has the abilities to breathe underwater, and move at superspeed beneath the water's surface. He serves as aquatic offense in naval missions. He is athletic, always staying in shape, even when he doesn't need to.

Last was Zero-G, aka Bruce Dunham. He had the ability to crawl on walls, and climb any surface. He served as infiltration. He was annoying, with something to say all the time. He was killed by Mandroids in the Great War with Matrix.

The team has been interviewed about their experience in the Legion.