The GuardTower is the base located in Washington D.C. that serves as the Legion's Base of Operations. All the levels live, train, and recieve their missions from. There are four different compounds within the GuardTower, all serving a different purpose. They're The Living Area, the Training Area, the Recovery Area, and Alpha's Compound. All four areas are equipped with a teleportation room for traveling to different global locations. The entrances are equiped with defense capabilities and auto-lockdown procedures, if necessary.

The Living Area is located on the north side, and is accessable through the northeast/west entrances. It contains the mess hall, barracks, and lounge for all levels except Alpha. Male and female barracks are seperated, and everyone lives there most days except for a few who consider the GuardTower their only home.

The Training Area is located on the east side, accessible through the north/south-east entrances. It contains a gym, archery range, indoor track, fitness center, showers, one-on-one combat area, and a hologrphic simultaion room. Everyone trains here as well as keep themselves physically fit and active.

The Recovery area is located on the south side, and is accessible through the southeast/west entrances. It contains a medical facility/hospital, theater, arcade, pool, and the memorial hall for fallen members. Everyone goes here to rest after a mission, or to recieve medical help, or to just have fun.

Alpha's Compoud is located on the west side, and is accessible through the north/south-west entrances. It contains Alpha's living quarters, mess hall, lounge, the Communications/Monitor room, the war council room, and the Weapons Vault. Alpha uses this area to live, and survey the world for possible threats. Only Alpha members and leaders of other levels are allowed access. The Weapons Vault can only be opened by the leaders of all six levels.

If any enemy of the Legion breaches the GuardTower's perimeter, and makes it inside, auto-lockdown procedures are activated. The entrances are sealed with six titanium nuclear blast resistent doors, and defensive weapons are activated to keep anyone else out. The four areas are also sealed, with everyone inside, to make sure that no-one's at risk of danger. A force field forms around the perimeter walls' top, sealing the GuardTower from any aerial offense. The intruder is located with androids and removed via being launched out.