There are six levels total of the United States Legion. Each one varies in power, experience, and age.

The first level is Alpha, consisting of the founding team: Codex, Hunter, Heatwave, Snow Angel, Plasma, Argus, and Drain. Alpha has absolute government clearance, their own compound in the GuardTower, and their own living quarters. They operate on top secret missions, as well as U.N. members, and serve as mentors to the other levels.

The next two levels are Beta and Delta. These members have been part of the legion for at least three years. They operate on war zone missions, going directly into battle. The leaders serve as mentors to the member of their choosing. They have moderate government clearance, and serve as presidential security when necessary.

The next two levels are Epsilon and Gamma. These members have served for at least 2 years. They operate on confrontation missions, fighting organized crime and corruption in bureaucracy. They have little government clearance, and operate as Pentagon workers. The leaders serve as physical trainers and training simulation leaders for the other levels.

The last level is Omega. These members are new recruits, with no experience. They operate on reconnaissance missions, being spies on mobs, gangs, and supervillains. They have no government clearance, and operate as Congress spies, reporting any suspicious Congress activity to the Legion. The Leader serves as a liaison to the outside world.

All levels operate, train, and live within the facility known as the GuardTower, stationed in Washington D.C. as their base of operations. It includes a training facility, Alpha's compound, the living quarters, and recovery area.