What exactly is a meta-human? There has been speculation about what a meta-human is and whether or not they are a threat to the world.

A Meta-Human is described scientifically as "an individual who exhibits an ability that is considered to be extraordinary and/or un-natural". A person who can bend their thumb backwards is a human, while a person who can burst into flames is a meta-human. Skills and abilites do not always equal a Meta-Power.

Now, how can you become a Meta-Human? There is an event called a Trigger Point, which is defined as " a point of extraordinary stress and danger in which several  neurotransmitters and endorphins activate the individual's Meta-Gene". This situation is usually life-or-death, and you most likely know you're going to die. Referring to earlier, a Meta-Gene is defined as "a genetic anomally that allows an individual to escape danger by adapting an ability used to preserve their bodily functions". Now, for those Meta-Humans who possess powers, and concieve a child, that child may recieve either one or both of their parent's abilities during puberty. For the child, the ability is inborn, already coded in their D.N.A. before birth.

Now, there are several people who use DNA experiments to get super powers. These people are not Meta-Humans, but rather Mutations. A Mutation is defined as "an individual who PURPOSEFULLY alters their D.N.A. to exhibit a Meta-Power.

Not all Meta-Humans are super-heroes though. Superheroes are Meta-Humans who wear a mask/costume and serve the law. Only 3% of the Meta-Human population in the world is currently a superhero. Estimates claim that 100% of the World's population will be Meta-Humans within four or five generations.

However, being a meta-human comes with severe health risks. A person can experience cellular breakdown, when the cells in their bodies can't function, and their body begins to shut down. Another risk is extreme cellular reproduction, in which the person can have tumors or excessive tissue in their bodies. Another risk is an inability to stop using their superpower. The person can literally not stop their abilities, which can cause extreme damage to themselves or others. Then there are the psychological changes. A person can experience mood disorders, dual or split personalities, schizophrenia, and other aspects. People can also experience mutations, sucha s changes in skin, internal organs, or their skeletal structure. A person can also get a heart disorder from a meta-gene, in ways that're still being researched. A person and also experience organ failure, such as kidneys, stomach, or even the lungs.