Although the Legion is the United States superhuman team, they weren't the first. After the bombing in Pearl Harbor in World War II, the United States government created a top-secret team to face the Axis powers. The members were all over twenty one years of age, and had gone through the Army's basic training. The purpose was to win the war, and nothing else. During peace-time, the War Guard was dismembered.

Their leader was Patriot, name unknown. He had inceased strength, speed, agility, and endurance. He was calm, tactical, and extremely patriotic. He was part of a program that would later result in a radioactive event that would create the world's meta-human population.

Next in command was Sonic, aka Steve Schneider. He was able to travel up to Mach 5 at any time, and was the high-speed tactican. He was a traitor of Germany's ranks, and left to join the War Guard. He was impulsive, always looking for someone to beat up.

Next was Vampire, aka former president Abraham Lincoln. He had speed, strength, invulnerability, hypnosis, shape-shifting, and immortality. He served asd night-time offense and was only vulverable to sunlight. He was the darkest member of the group, always being secretive and lurking about.

Next was Raptor, aka Barbara Carter. She had the abilities of flight and heat vision. She served as aerial offense for the War Guard, and was a captain in the Air Force. She was fun-loving, with nothing better to do than be in the sky.

Next was Wolf, name unknown. She turned into a were-wolf, giving her speed, strength, durability and razor claws. She served as the animalistic offense, and was considered quite feral at times.

Last in command was Era, aka James Adams, who would later be known as Nice Try. He served on the front lines, always returning form any injury due o his immortality. He was the youngest looking among them, even though he was actually thousands of years old.

Though the War Guard fought armies, there were several super-human enemies they faced.