Though the War Guard's primary concern was armed forces, they faced several super villains during the war.

The first and greatest threat was General Germany. He served as Hitler's secret second in command, and was able to drain a person's strength upon skin contact. He was the greatest of all the War Guard's enemies, and was finally defeated when he was assassinated by an unknown mercenary.

Next was Sharp-shooter, aka Jasmine Wilson. She could foucs her eyesight to exact precision, in order to never miss her target. Her favorite weapons were a rifle that could shoot up to 500 yards, and handguns which had poisoned bullets.

Nerxt was Swamp Gator, aka John Robertson. He was originally from Lousiana, went to war with the U.S., and a gator fanatic. But during a freak accident caused his Meta-gene to activate and cause him to mutate into a human-alligator hybrid. He blamed the United States for his mutation, and General Germany found him wandering the countryside afterwards. His skills are breathing underwater, strength, speed, durability, and using his tail as a whip.

Last was Predator. His real name unknown, he was the top assassin of General Germany's private forces. He had strength, speed, durability, agility, and was able to form energy weapons. He was declared M.I.A. during a mission, but rumors of his resurfacing in Mr. E's ranks today has caused speculation.